A new youth club will open its doors next month, which will engage young people in Hailsham and the surrounding area.
The proposal by Hailsham Youth Service to further expand its operations and open a satellite youth centre in the town - Eastside Youth Hub - is undergoing further planning and will be based at the Hailsham East Community Centre in Vega Close.
Starting on 21st April, the new Eastside Youth Hub will run sessions on Thursday evenings at the following times, operating all year round:
  • 5.30pm-7pm: School Years 6-8 (from September)
  • 7.30pm-9.30pm School Year 9-11
Sessions will be free to enter for local young people and offer activities such as table tennis, games, crafts, well-being and more, with light snacks and refreshments served. A programme of activities such as cookery and sports will also be included.
Hailsham Youth Service, managed and funded by the Town Council, currently operates the Square Youth Cafe in Market Square, the Monday Youth Hub at the James West Community Centre, and the recently opened Hellingly Youth Hub at the village's Community Hub premises, as well as Friday Night Project activity sessions and support services for young people such as SafeHub and Sexual Health.
The benefits of expanding the youth service into the east of the town is considered to be of benefit to young people and the local community in general.
"The new Eastside Youth Hub will provide a safe place for the young people of Hailsham to go to receive mentorship, acceptance and empowerment, and to have fun in a constructive way, building community spirit and well-being, as well as preventing boredom," said Youth Service Manager Andy Joyes.
"The new youth hub will be a great addition to Hailsham and I believe it will provide a safe space for many young people, but also give them a range of great opportunities just like the young people who attend the Square Youth Cafe and our other centres receive."
"Within growing communities, provision needs to be made for young people, and by running an additional free centre catering for 11-16 year olds, our hope is to encourage them to take part in other activities run by Hailsham Youth Service if they don't already, such as the Friday Night Project."
Town Mayor Councillor Paul Holbrook commented: "The idea to set up a youth club based at the Hailsham East Community Centre is brilliant and, having identified this need, we’re optimistic that we can go even further in terms of meeting the needs of young people through facilitated activities and support. In short, Eastside Youth Hub will be a great addition to Hailsham Youth Service's offering."
"Managing the greater demand from young people to have safe places to go and something to do out of school time is important. The Eastside Youth Hub's aim will be to provide a space where young people can chill out and make new friends and, like our other venues, will ensure a safe and welcoming environment for them regardless of background, gender or culture."
"Youth service provision is within easy reach for the majority of young people in Hailsham, with record numbers attending the Square Youth Café, Monday Youth Hub, Hellingly Youth Hub and Friday Night Project sessions every week, and we hope a considerable number will attend the new Eastside Youth Hub facility as well."
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