Hailsham youth Service, which provides activities, opportunities and support services for young people in the local area, has received a donation of £500, as part of the Hailsham Lions Club's package of support for the local community.
The funding received by Hailsham Lions will be used by Hailsham Youth Service towards the costs involved in their latest project, the establishment of ‘Girls' Night' sessions, which take place at the Square Youth Cafe on a regular basis.
Activities involved in the new club/sessions include professional photo shoots, face masks, hair styling and nail treatment.
As well as running clubs and centres including the Square Youth Cafe, Hellingly Youth Hub, Eastside Youth Hub and Monday Youth Hub, Hailsham Youth Service provides support services for young people, in addition to organising a range of recreational outings and activities as part of the Friday Night Project.
In recent years, the Town Council has expanded its youth service provision to include additional centres, venues and support services, the latest of which has been the Eastside Youth Hub which takes place at the Hailsham East Community Centre on Thursday evenings.
Andy Joyes , Youth Project Manager at Hailsham Town Council said, “We are delighted to receive this funding from Hailsham Lions and are extremely grateful to them for supporting our latest youth project, Girls' Night.”
“Funding for our various projects is always needed to keep services running and to make sure that everyone gets the chance to use them. The young people who attend our centres and take part in our activities will benefit considerably from this donation.”
Town Mayor Cllr Paul Holbrook commented, “I'm delighted to hear that Hailsham Lions has provided £500 funding for the new youth project and wish to extend my immense gratitude for the generous donation.”
“Hailsham Youth Service provides young people in the local area with ample opportunities to take part in activities to help keep them occupied when not at school, and I'd like to thank our youth worker team members for their unflagging dedication and enthusiasm.”
“For 23 years, Hailsham Youth Service has improved the quality of life for local young people in the town and surrounding rural villages. Such benefits have been achieved through the integrated provision of recreation, opportunities for personal and social development, information and advice.”

“The addition of the new Girls' Night project is further evidence that Hailsham Youth Service continues to enhance their provision of services and activities for young people year on year.”

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