As part its commitment to putting young people at the heart of everything they do, Hailsham Youth Service is currently accepting applications for the position of Deputy Youth Service Manager to help with the expansion of local services for young people.
Hailsham Youth Service, operated by the Town Council , is currently looking for a Deputy Manager (full - time - hours to include evenings and weekend s where required), to assist in the general management and strategic planning of youth service provision and co-ordination of youth services or projects commissioned from external organisations.
The successful candidate will assist the Youth Service Manager in the planning and design of the youth service's offering, ensuring they are in line with the requirements of young people in the town and continually taking account of feedback from young people and other key stakeholders.
The Deputy Youth Service Manager role will also be required to help to ensure that the youth service facilities are fit for purpose, including the management, co-ordination and/or provision of equipment, resources, health and safety, insurance, security, utilities and contracts.
The main base for operations will be the Square Youth Cafe in Market Square, in addition to other locations/centres as may be required according to the specific demands of the role.
Applicants should be motivated, resourceful and conscientious team members who would enhance the youth service for young people in Hailsham.
As an organisation, Hailsham Youth Service's objective is to positively impact the lives of young people, and that ethos is applied to its growing and dedicated team of youth service staff. Newly recruited youth workers, including the Deputy Youth Service Manager, will be provided with a valuable and rewarding experience supporting local young people in reaching their potential.
"Hailsham Youth Service aims to provide activities - which are both leisure and issue based - and meet the multitude of needs that the young people put forward us on a regular basis," said Andy Joyes , Youth Service Manager. "The team's positive attitude and obvious enjoyment in working with young people has ensured that Hailsham Youth Service has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with the expansion of services and opening of new clubs and centres."
"We welcome applications from people of all backgrounds and skills and recognise that attitudes and experience bring fresh ideas! We would like to encourage these differences to make our various projects even more successful, so all young people who benefit feel represented within our organisation."
Town Clerk John Harrison commented: “The development of the Town Council's youth projects since launching 22 years ago proves that there are ample opportunities for developing partnerships with other agencies to provide innovative work with individuals or groups of young people.”
"Here in Hailsham, we want our young people to have access to the best youth service and, to help us deliver on our ambitious plans, we are now looking for a Deputy Youth Service Manager to join the Hailsham Youth Service team, ideally someone who shares our enthusiasm, positive attitude and who can help young people thrive."
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