***The Square Youth Cafe is currently open on Mondays (3.15pm-5pm – Yr 7 / 6.45pm-9pm Yr 9), Tuesdays (3.15pm-5pm – Yr 7), Wednesdays (6.45pm-9pm – Yr 10), Thursdays (3.15pm-5pm – Yr 8) and Fridays (3.15pm-5pm – Yr 8 / 6.45pm-9pm – Yr 11).
Square Youth Cafe
The Square Youth Cafe, located at 1 Market Square, is open to 11-17 year olds and, regardless of background, gender or culture, young people can expect a safe, supportive, fun and non-judgmental environment.
Opening times (from 11th January 2021 - free entry)
Afternoons: 3.15-4.45pm (Monday/Tuesday Yr 7 and Thursday/Friday Yr 8)
Evenings: 6.45-8.30pm (Monday Yr 9, Tuesday Yr 10, Wednesday Yr 11, Thursday Yr 12, Friday Yr 11)
The Square Youth Cafe organises a range of activities both at the centre and externally. All young people aged 11 to 17 years are welcome to attend. Scheduled events and activities will be listed on this page soon.
Photo & Video Galleries
Please note that our new website is still under construction and both our photo and video galleries will be posted here soon. Be sure to keep an eye on this page for updates!
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